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CNN, Are You Kidding Me?

Posted by on June 9th, 2010 13 Comments »

The image above is a screenshot of CNN’s homepage as it appears now. Their top story is titled ‘The risk of being an ‘angry black man’,” with the lead-in to the story phrased as follows:

Critics have complained that President Obama isn’t showing enough anger over the Gulf oil disaster. But scholars say history has shown that African-American men can frighten white people if they display too much anger.

Read the story for yourself here >

UPDATE: The post has since been removed from the home page.

Burglar FAIL

Posted by on May 26th, 2010 12 Comments »

Here’s an amusing way for a burglar to be caught.

The above excerpt reads:

An Oak Hill community couple discovered a thief in their home Saturday after a man told a joke and heard a laugh upstairs.

Via imgbit and Banned In Hollywood.

Man Burns His House Down Because Wife Prepared Dinner Late

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You don’t like Guy Edward Jones when he’s hungry.

Jones, 60, of West Virginia, allegedly set fire to his home after arguing with his wife Beverly over why his dinner wasn’t prepared.

After returning from a night of drinking, Jones became enraged to find his dinner not yet on the table.

When the fight escalated, Mrs. Jones left to a neighbor’s house in an attempt to avoid her husband’s rage. Soon thereafter, she noticed flames coming from the basement of her home and saw Mr. Jones exiting through the basement door.

Guy Jones was arrested, and is being held on charges of first-degree arson.

Via The Charleston Gazette >

British Grandmother Fined And Put Under Curfew For Selling Goldfish To Minor

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A 66-year-old grandmother and pet shop owner from Britain is being penalized by law enforcement for selling a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy, violating Britain’s animal protection laws.

After a teenager to whom she sold a gerbil previously dropped the animal in a cup of coffee, British investigators set up a ‘sting’ operation targeting Joan Higgins to catch her in the act. A 14-year-old boy was sent to the shop to buy the fish, and the woman completed the sale without asking the teenager his age or how he planned to care for the fish.

After pleading guilty to selling an animal to a person under the age of 16, Higgins was ordered to follow a curfew of 6pm to 7am, pay a fine of £1000 ($1640 USD), and was tagged with a tracking bracelet to monitor her whereabouts and enforce the curfew.

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Italian Pizzerias Suspected Of Firing Ovens With Coffin Wood Dug Up From Cemeteries

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Some cooks like to fire their ovens with apple wood. Some prefer hickory. Others, apparently, like wood from previously buried caskets — it really helps that dead-people flavor set in.

Italian prosecutors suspect that pizza shops and restaurants in Naples are firing their ovens with with wood from dug-up coffins in order to cut down on costs.

According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, “a gang might have set up a market for coffins sold to hard-hearted owners of bakeries and pizzerias looking to save money on wood.”

The investigation is currently ongoing and prosecutors are still building their case, but if you’d like a taste of cannibalism without directly consuming human flesh, head over to Naples today!

Via AFP >
Photo via Flickr / Sebastian Mary >

Taco Bell Drive Through Customer Mistakenly Given $2,000 Dollars Instead Of Her Lunch

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Police are searching for a woman who was mistakenly given a bag containing $2,000 dollars at a Taco Bell drive through instead of her lunch.

The manager at the Dayton, Ohio restaurant said it was store policy to keep the daily bank deposit in a Taco Bell bag and pass it along to the manager via the drive through window. An employee had accidentally grabbed the bag with the cash and gave it to the woman instead of the bag with her order.

Security footage shows the woman receiving the bag in her SUV, but it doesn’t show the license plate. Another customer at the drive through described the recipient as a woman in her 20’s with black or brown hair. Police initiated a search of the neighborhood but could not find the woman or her car.

They’re still looking.

Via Dayton Daily News >

Man On Trial For Branding His Children Like Cattle

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A man from Washington State is standing trial for allegedly branding his children like cattle, leaving them with permanent scars on their arms, legs, and chest.

Mark Seamands is accused of branding his two sons, ages 13 and 15, and his daughter, 18, with a hot custom-made branding iron.  He will stand trial for abuse of his two sons, but not his daughter, who the court has ruled was old enough to consent to the branding.

He marked his children with the letters “SK,” which stands for Seamands’ Kids. Pam Davis, his ex-wife, was horrified when she discovered the marks 18 months ago. “I don’t know if you have seen an animal being branded, but I have. They squeal; they yell; they scream. It’s nothing pretty.”

As for the kids, they are proud of the brands, and plan to defend their dad when they testify at his trial.

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British Politician Beats Down Hecklers Who Spat In His Face

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A question from Joe the Plumber is probably the most amusingly difficult thing an American politician needs to address while on the campaign trail. British politics works a bit differently.

Bob Bailey, a British parliamentary candidate, got into a fight with a group of hecklers while campaigning for his party in the town of Barking. A video of the fight captured by the BBC shows Bailey shouting at the group of men, who confront him and escalate the argument.

Bailey, a former royal marine, tells the group to ‘move on’, but instead of moving on, an individual in the group spits in Bailey’s face, propelling the argument into an all-out fight. Bailey instantly lunges at the spitter, punching and kicking him to the ground, and continues to beat him while he is down.

There’s a very important lesson to learn from all this: Don’t fuck with marines. Or British politicians. Especially a combination of the two. Specifically, don’t fuck with Bob Bailey.  Read More >

Angry Driver Violently Beats Old Man For Driving Too Slowly

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Police have arrested Brandon Poulson, a 22-year-old truck driver from Iowa, on charges that he violently beat an old man because he didn’t like the way he drove.

The 70-year-old victim was driving with his wife, and Poulson was following behind. Poulson began yelling and swearing at the man. Sensing his agitation, the man pulled over to let him pass, but instead of continuing on his way, Poulson allegedly pulled over as well, went up to the older man, and began to violently beat him for “driving like an old man.”

Poulson admitted to police that he beat the man because he was upset with the way he was driving. He is currently being held in custody on a $10,000 bond.

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Weird Dream Inspires Japanese Woman To Author Bestselling Toe-Penis Book

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“The Apprenticeship of Big Toe P,” written by Japanese author Rieko Matsuura, follows Kazumi, a young woman who sets out on a quest of sexual self-discovery after waking up one morning with a penis on her foot.

Her boyfriend tries pressuring Kazumi into amputating the mysterious organ, but instead she runs away, becoming romantically involved with a blind pianist and joining a troupe of sexual misfits.

Matsuura describes the book as being “about a woman whose views on sexuality change in response to various experiences.”

She got the idea for the book after waking up from a dream in which her own big toe turned into a penis.

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese market is into this sort of thing, and the book has become a national bestseller there.

The book has recently been translated to English, so if you’re itching to delve into an epic tale of a young woman with  a penis on her foot, you can soon pick it up at your local bookstore.

Via ABC News >