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Italian Pizzerias Suspected Of Firing Ovens With Coffin Wood Dug Up From Cemeteries

Posted by on May 17th, 2010 1 Comment »

Some cooks like to fire their ovens with apple wood. Some prefer hickory. Others, apparently, like wood from previously buried caskets — it really helps that dead-people flavor set in.

Italian prosecutors suspect that pizza shops and restaurants in Naples are firing their ovens with with wood from dug-up coffins in order to cut down on costs.

According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, “a gang might have set up a market for coffins sold to hard-hearted owners of bakeries and pizzerias looking to save money on wood.”

The investigation is currently ongoing and prosecutors are still building their case, but if you’d like a taste of cannibalism without directly consuming human flesh, head over to Naples today!

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